Our Mission

We are committed to providing the best products, support, and service, year after year, at competitive prices. We believe in personalized, sustainable business practices and quality products that translate to better health, productivity, and peace of mind.

Locally owned and operated since 1994

We are a family owned business that takes pride in service and customer care! You will always get a fast response and a friendly voice over the phone. No “800” numbers or automated voicemails! When you work with our company, you get our service guaranty in writing and a personalized service from a local company with the strong backing of a nationwide manufacturer.

Product Technology

Our front line product, the PW1R, is the most advanced drinking water system available today. Patented ozone injection sanitization eliminates microbiological contamination and bacteria while introducing fresh oxygen into the water. The PW1R is Microprocessor Controlled, Self Monitoring, and Self Sanitizing™ to provide a continuous supply of Pure Oxygenated Drinking Water.

Free Trial

We let you try this awesome system in a risk-free trial with absolutely no strings attached. You try it, you love it, you keep it! If not we shake hands and leave everything just like it was before we came in. It’s that simple.