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Did you know? Inadequately designed and improperly maintained filter coolers can actually INCREASE contamination levels and generate high levels of bacteria!

Our patented multi-stage purification process is designed to keep you safe, prevent waste, and make life easier. We cater to many different types of shops and offices, and are committed to providing our customers with state-of-the-art technology that delivers glass after glass of fresh water.







Price Protection

Our all-inclusive monthly price includes yearly service & filter changes – no more storing, spilling or lifting heavy jugs. No more hidden fees or surcharges!


Every model is made with antimicrobial components that protect against cross-contamination and the spread of germs in your workplace. 

Auto Tank Sanitization

This self-cleaning system eliminates internal contamination and does away with the tedious and often overlooked task of sanitizing the holding tank.

24 / 7 System Monitoring

At the core of our patented technology is a microprocessor that controls and monitors filter life, water quality, oxygen levels, and all other system functions. 

Ergonomic and Sustainable Design

Our models are sleek and modern, with a spacious dispensing area perfect for containers of all sizes.  Save time, money, and plastic by switching to this waste-free design, built to last.

Free Trial

We let you try this awesome system in a risk-free trial with absolutely no strings attached. You try it, you love it, you keep it! If not we shake hands and leave everything just like it was before we came in. It’s that simple.